MARK AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!! Not that this is new to anyone reading this blog. It’s still very exciting though. : ) We got engaged on May 30th, 2014. We were planning on going to a piano recital that evening, but Mark called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to eat instead. I had been DYING to get engaged for a solid 4 months at this point (when you know you know, right?), and I was really hoping that the proposal was coming soon. I was very suspicious of anything and everything at this point, so I readily agreed to the eating-out plan. The first place we went to was packed, and we decided that we should go somewhere else. After some deliberation, we decided to go to Guru’s on center street in Provo. Mark had suggested we go down to Spanish Fork. I clearly was not suspicious enough, because had I really been on my game, I would have seen this as highly suspect. As it was, I just thought that was silly. Why on earth would we go to Spanish Fork? What’s even in Spanish Fork? To center street we went! We got our food to go and ate in the park by the city buildings in downtown Provo. It was warm and sunny and nice. Then Mark asked me if I wanted to go to a park. Enter suspicion. Of course I did! We headed down to Salem (near Spanish Fork. How did I not see that? Haha). There is a park down there with a lovely lake/large pond with a bridge going across it. We got there and there were a bunch of people there (much to Mark’s dismay). Apparently there had been a triathalon there earlier in the day. Also, there were these two girls who jumped off the bridge into the lake. People crowded around. The police were called. It was pretty exciting (everyone was ok, by the way). Mark and I wandered around the park, looked at the ducks, discovered a wierd drain pipe that was stuck in a monument, and generally waited for the people to clear off the bridge. When they did, we went over to the bridge and looked out at the sunset. Again, I was highly suspicious, but Mark tricked me by saying “should we go?” So, I thought that this was not the moment. However, as soon as we leaned away from the bridge railing, he got down on one knee and said “Well, I don’t have a real ring, but will you marry me, my love?” Of course, I said yes, knelt down, and smooched him. He proposed with a CTR ring, and we picked out the “real ring” the next day. It’s lovely. He’s handsome. We’re in love, and we are getting married on August 5th. That’s 47 days away for those of you who are counting.


PS- one time we played a game where I said that I would like to be proposed to on a bridge. Points to Mark.


Photo credit: McKenzie Thompson Photography

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